3 Ways To Enjoy Vegan Kimchi

5 January 2021
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Kimchi is a popular fermented food that's made with cabbage, carrot and radish, and every bite is satisfyingly fiery. It's considered a potent source of good bacteria, so in Korea, many people eat it daily to boost their gut health. Vegan kimchi is made in the same way traditional kimchi is, but seaweed is used in place of the fish sauce that's traditionally used in kimchi to add flavour. Kimchi can be served as a side dish or incorporated into a wide variety of meals to add a tangy, spicy flavour. Here are three ways you can enjoy vegan kimchi:

Add A Kick To Your Fried Rice

Vegetable fried rice is such a versatile dish, and when seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic and a little soy sauce, it has a warming, aromatic flavour that's hard to resist. Adding kimchi to your fried rice at the end of cooking draws out the umami flavour from the soy sauce and adds a subtle heat and satisfying contrast in texture. Stir a big spoonful of kimchi into your fried rice and you'll want to go back for seconds.

Spice Up Your Green Salad

Nothing beats a crunchy green salad for lunch on a warm day, but if you tend to stick to the same dressings over and over again, you can easily get bored of salad. Spice up your salad by tossing your favourite greens, such as kale, romaine and spinach, with roasted cubes of sweet potato, crunchy sweet peppers and your favourite seed mix. Make a flavour-packed dressing using kimchi and kimchi juice from the jar mixed with rice wine vinegar, minced shallots and fresh ginger. This spicy, tangy dressing contrasts well with the sweetness of the vegetables in your salad to create a healthy dish that's incredibly moreish.

Top Your Favourite Veggie Burger

Kimchi makes a delicious burger topping. The spicy, acidic flavour of the kimchi complements the slightly sweet flavour of a veggie burger patty, and you can keep it simple or dress up your burger as much as you like. Try topping your burger with lettuce, vegan mayo, a little fresh dill and kimchi, or opt for sliced beetroot, spinach, sliced gherkins and kimchi. Have fun creating your perfect burger.

Vegan kimchi is a delicious addition to just about any savoury dish. You can find it in health food stores or purchase a jar online and enjoy experimenting with it in your kitchen while giving your body a probiotic boost.  

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